Turmeric, a good alternative to add iron to your dishes

Spices and condiments can be much more than a way to add flavor and color to preparations, as well, they can be excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. This is the case of turmeric, which is a good alternative to add iron to your dishes.


One teaspoon of this spice can offer about 2.5 mg of iron, an amount that exceeds the proportion offering 100 grams of meat and also can provide very few calories and variety of other nutrients as well as antioxidants.

Turmeric is a spice that can not only use but also for savory dishes, for flavoring and coloring sweet dishes, but best offers great benefits and can help us enrich our iron preparations.

If we use a tablespoon, we get half the share of iron recommended for adult men who should consume 8 mg of the mineral daily, while women require 18 mg each day.

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You know, to flavor and color to rice or pasta, to prepare a stew, sauce or sauteed or, to add to a cake, dessert or cake, we can use turmeric and so add iron easily to diet


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