Is it essential to go to the gym?

Many times we think that without going to the gym it is impossible to progress or be in shape, because in reality, although there are other training alternatives, they are never the same and many times, or similar. However, is it imperative to go to the gym?

If our goal is to be fit, maintain a good muscle tone and maintain an adequate aerobic capacity, we will achieve equal or better effects outside the gym, because we can go to different sports, practice calisthenics or different aerobic disciplines.

However, it is very different when we seek to rehabilitate an injury, we want to take care of a certain area of ​​the body or favor the treatment of an ailment, because there, we need the advice of a specialized professional, who hardly accompanies us to train in the street to adapt the Exercises to our particularities.

Except for the presence of a personal trainer, the gym in these cases is a good alternative, because in addition, the machines can be more useful than working with auto-load movements.

However, in most cases, I believe that if we adequately plan our routine and give diversity to the training to fully work the whole body, calisthenics is a good alternative with which we can do without the gym. And the best, it does not require a lot of money, we can exercise anywhere and at the time of day that we are most comfortable.

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So, I personally consider that gym is not essential, although it may be more useful than other disciplines and activities in some particular cases. And you, do you think the gym is necessary?


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