Home Remedies for Cold Sores

According to the MedLine Plus website, almost everyone has contracted cold sores as they reach adulthood. The good news is that there are several home remedies to alleviate mouth sores caused by cold sores.

The best remedy for cold sores is to stop the sprouts before they occur. But if you have had an outbreak later, we will be discussing several ways to relieve pain and speed healing.

Cold Sores

What is cold sores?

The virus that causes cold sores is usually transferred by kissing or coming into close contact with someone who has an active outbreak. Once infected, the virus remains in the organism for life and several factors can cause an outbreak.

Cold sore outbreaks are red blisters that appear on the lips.

Generally, a tingling, itching or burning feeling on the lip is the signal that an outbreak will appear.

How to prevent shedding of cold sores


Sunlight can cause an outbreak of cold sores in many people. Although there is no scientific evidence, using sunscreen when it comes out is a way to prevent outbreaks.

Lip balm

Wind and dry weather can also cause an outbreak. If you are going to expose yourself to the wind or if you live in an arid place, use a lip balm to keep your lips moist and prevent blisters from coming out.

Recommended diet to fight cold sores

Lysine is an amino acid that fights herpes virus. Foods that are high in lysine include milk, fish, meat and legumes. On the other hand, arginine is a virus-friendly amino acid.

Some foods that are rich in arginine are chocolate, nuts, peanuts and almonds. To prevent outbreaks of cold sores, increase lysine consumption and reduce arginine-containing foods.

Also avoid hot drinks, spicy, salty foods and citrus fruits.

Home Remedies for Cold Sore Outbreaks

If the blisters are gone, there are certain ways to relieve the lesions. It is important that you wash the ampoule gently with water and antiseptic soap. This helps prevent the spread of the virus to other areas of the body.

Black tea

A used black tea bag used as a compress on the injury can reduce the pain and help the blister heal.

Garlic for cold sores

One of the popular remedies for cold sores is garlic, as it is a natural antiviral. You can cut a clove of garlic in half and put it on the ampoule.

Hot or cold

Apply ice or a piece of warm cloth over the sores to help relieve the pain.

Relieve the blister with milk

Milk contains lysine. As I mentioned earlier, lysine helps to inhibit the amino acid called arginine which is the amino acid that causes the cold sore outbreaks. Lysine helps prevent and accelerate the cure of cold sore outbreaks.

Put a cotton swab with milk on the sore to relieve the pain and speed healing. This remedy can be used since you begin to feel the symptoms of tickling in the lip.

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Avoid another infection

Throw away the toothbrush or lip products that were used while the sore was present. Probably these objects have been contaminated with the herpes virus and their use after the cold sore disappears can infect the skin, causing a new outbreak of blisters.


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