4 Healthy Fats That We Eat and Avoid Many Diseases.

When we read or tell us the word “fat” then we think of something wrong. However, not all are unhealthy as we think.

Moreover, the 4 types of fats that we will show in this article are recommended by doctors.

Would you like to know what, right? Then read on!

Quality and not quantity

According to the Department of Food Science and Technology, it is preferable to choose quality and not quantity

When it refers to fats.


Each offers different properties. Sometimes alone, and others, in the company of other components.

Most of these fats are obtained through food. So why we often miss? It all depends on the type of diet you follow and even cultural or geographical issue.

The balanced diet is vital in this case and elsewhere. To achieve, for example, a good expansion and contraction of blood vessels or a good cardiovascular functioning fats are essential.

However, we should pay attention, because the excess grease (even healthy) and the lack of another can lead to various health problems or make us more prone to certain diseases.

What are the 4 fats we should eat?

From now on, when you think of fat, imagine that there are friendly and enemy to your body. Those included in the group are beneficial: Omegas 3 and 6 The first two have to eat together, because it is very important proportion. It is advisable 5 to 10 of Omega 6 per 1 omega 3. This means that for every 10 grams of the first should consume 1 gram of the second.

These fats have very beneficial effects on heart health. The risk of death from heart attacks is significantly reduced in people who eat regularly Omegas 3 and 6.

A good dose of fish each week is associated with a reduction of vascular disease, stroke and even myocardial infarction.

As if that were not enough, those patients with more of Omega 3 are less likely to die suddenly or suffering acute coronary syndrome. Next to Omega 6 have a protective effect of coagulation, metabolism and the walls of the arteries.

Moreover they have antiinflammatory properties (perfect for intestinal problems or rheumatoid arthritis). In infants the rate of neurological maturation is higher if the mother has consumed these fats during pregnancy.

To obtain the necessary amount of Omegas 3 and 6 are advised to eat:

  1. Blue fish (especially salmon, tuna and sardines)
  2. Nuts (mostly nuts)
  3. Rapeseed, soybean, wheat and sunflower
  4. Enriched milk
  5. Low calorie margarine and mayonnaise
  6. Omega 7

If you want to look perfect and youthful skin this is the fat that should be in your body. But beware, it is not an essential fatty acid. Therefore, the body has the capacity to produce as long as it has palmitic acid.

The problem is that palm oil (greatest exponent of necessary acid) is within the group of saturated and trans fat intake should be limited. Otherwise you could suffer coronary heart disease and contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries.

The unique benefits of Omega 7 are dermatologic. For example, it is advisable for people with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. The good news is that can be applied externally. Another option is the sea buckthorn oil (also topical).

Omega 9

  1. While 3 and 6 are anti-inflammatory, Omega 9 has the ability to deflate so almost “miraculous” in cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It is known as oleic acid and is present in olive oil.
  2. This fatty acid balances the production of chemical mediators to inflame certain areas of the body. It also has healthy properties for the cardiac system as it is a monounsaturated fat.
  3. The intake of extra virgin olive oil and nuts reduces inflammation. There is no maximum or minimum amount, but we must bear in mind that if they are raw is better. In the case of dried fruit a handful a day is enough.

And less healthy fats?

  1. At the other extreme we find harmful fats for health. We can use that we’re on the subject to introduce them to you. In this way you will reduce or avoid consumption (and, of course, will increase the good).
  2. Sure you’ve heard of the “trans fats.” They are present in many foods we eat frequently.
  3. They occur after several industrial processes such as hydrogenation. They are 100% artificial and are found mainly in sweets and pastries.

Among the negative health Effects include:

  1. Raise levels of LDL (bad).
  2. Favor the development cardiovascular disease.
  3. Decrease the dilation of blood vessels.
  4. Hinder insulin metabolism.

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Now you know. Add more healthy fats to your diet aside and let that make you wrong. You’ll enjoy better health and avoid many diseases.


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